Isa D'Aniello
Design + Illustration

Tourism on BuzzFeed

Graphic design - illustration - food tourism infographic Florida New Orleans



BuzzFeed collaborated with Florida Tourism to create a premium sponsored infographic as a part of their campaign. Working with a BuzzFeed copywriter and the photo team, I researched, conceptualized and ultimately created an infographic showcasing one of Florida's many assets: Food. The finished product, housed in a standard BuzzFeed post, has gained over 30K+ views across various different social platforms.


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BuzzFeed + NOLA

This infographic was created as part of New Orleans Tourism’s “Follow Your Nola” campaign, aimed at visitors who wanted a more off-the-beaten-path, local New Orleans experience. With a Creative Strategist, we crafted an instructive and detailed roadmap (equip with a customized Google Map!) that has been viewed over 150K times to date.

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